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 Jerry – Engineer/Designer

 ” I am an engineer&designer from German, strictly focus on

product structure & quality; Luckily, Ideal-pro is open to

accept any fastidious request and finally our new project launched

successfully .”

Your IDEAL partners with technical ability,

Design experts at Ideal-pro and see how our creative, streamline team help you. 

Come here to tell us <your project>


 Coby – Product Developer/Inventor

” find a partner who is knowledgeable and gets all my points, it is very important and always saves time.”

If you have a product want to develop, but no team understands what you want?

If you come up with a new idea, and need someone to manage further steps and tackle your project?

If you have a good project but lack of funds, no reliable partners to back you?

Don’t hesitate, come here to tell us<your project>

project-manager-marketing Jennifer-Project Manager/Marketing 

” It is easy and efficient to work with my partner,  I have projects, they help us to manage and tackle everything from initial design to final product marketing .”

If you have ambitions and want your product stand out?

If you are eager to find a sustainable partner not to a one time cooperation?

If you want to risk a challenge and succeed your business?

Come here to tell us <your project>


David- Business Owner/Founder

“I own a start-up company, seek for someone to boost my business at early stage; luckily, Ideal-pro is my optimal partner, they support me to create my project and get a fund at kickstarter successfully.”

If you are looking for a partner who is as passionate as you are?

If you want to succeed your project as soon as possible?

If you are willing to find a reliable supporter?

If you need a creative and thoughtful team to complete your project?

Come to here to tell us <your project>

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