Ideal-pro is saying “the world is so big, we have to go outside and have a look.”

We are a team of ” be skilled in using both the pen and the rifle,” our mission is”seize the day”.  It  is a year of harvest 2016,  thanks to our partners, they believe us and wholeheartedly cooperate with each other to complete every project:

  • FDM 3D printer successfully raised a fund more than 35 million US dollars;
  • A project of security metal bracket for mobile phone was manufactured in house and sold at Wal-Mart;
  • The portable home fitness system pledged over 55 million US dollars successfully;
  • A signaling receiver plugs in ground , is being developed in progress;
  • Water treatment product was developed through unremitting efforts of 6 month, and will be put into production;

There are more innovative projects are brewing, but this time we need a baptism of nature, our boss rewarded us a vocation to island and we started a crazy holiday.



Whether you are an engineer, an inventor or a startup entrepreneur, if you are urge to find an innovative young team, a professional team with thoughts, join us.

We’d like to face the challenge with you, do the same as you make for your project, give you an all in one solution!