Project Description

How to Customize a Wall Mounting Bracket

high strength pp and glass fiber plastic part

Step 1

M sends us an inquiry for discussing the item “wall mounting bracket”

(P.S.  M also send us the bottle drawing for reference, it is a further project, if you have interest, you can see this article: Water Treatment Bottle)



  1. M has no technical drawings
  2. Main function:To place and release the bottle easily.
  3. Support a total weight of about 10 kg

Through above brief information, how to make a solution?

Step 2

As for M’s info, we give some suggestions and make a engineering drawing for his reference.

Description: 1 bracket&3 screws


Wall Mounting Bracket 3D Drawing

Our Suggestions:

  1. PP material considering its good toughness and easy to bent
  2. 3 screws instead of 2 screws considering the support weight

Step 3

M is satisfied with our design, but needs some improvements as his request.

Wall Mounting Bracket Improved Drawing



  • Three additional improvements as the picture show
  • To add glass fiber in the material to reinforce the strength

Add-on Question:  Is it used for outdoor or indoor?

Step 4

M puts forward more ideas, thus, we change some designs and make a final solution for checking.

Material is choosen to be PA6+30%Glass Fiber

Wall Mounting Bracket Final Drawing

M’s Requests:

  1. It is used indoors, no need to Anti-UV
  2. To cut the grey area for good view of the information on the bottle
  3. The handle on top should be reinforced (green area) to support the weight of 5kg

The Most Important Things To Succeed This Project:

  • M sends us bottles for accurate checking, assmebly with this bracket
  • Timely communication for product performance, function
  • All the info is ready and M is helpful to work with us, such as product weight, size, quantity etc

Step 5

Update a final design after the bottle is received.

In order to make sure bracket is well assembled with bottle, we suggest to make a CNC Machining Part firstly and M is agreed with our work. Finally it proceed successfully.

Wall Mounting Bracket Final Checking Drawing

Solution Analysis:

  1. Do you have an idea but no drawing and want to produce a product? 
  2. Is it a problem for product structure design and product quality control?
  3. Will it be simple or complex to assemble parts?

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