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How To Custom Made A Home Fitness Equipment

A portable handy home workout gym

That would be a long story:

It shall date back to someday on 2014, R has been looking for someone to make a resistance band, which can be able to incorporate a band into any exercise he wanted. Then he run into us and talked about his rough concept on workout. eg, how he wanted to take a gym on home exercise, how expensive spent on gym and no enough time to take exercise and he showed us his sketch.

We deeply understand his points and reckoned why not start a project to take gym to others anywhere. Firstly, we made a series of research on traditional fitness it was and design a 2D and 3D engineering drawings based on specification, weight and function itself.  Later, through negotiation, samples started to be made, after testing step by step, make some changes on design. Eventually, the 1st version of workout system turned in to mass production.

Succeed to be launched on US market, which showed a good performance on KICKSTARTER. Then….

Story shall not stop here:  Strive for excellent, keep moving.

We are now making improvements to produce 2nd version workout system, Continuing …

Custom Home Gym

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