1905, 2016

How To Solve The Warping Deformation In The Production?

It is a hot potato that injection plastic products warpage and deformation, mold design shall be put into main emphasis cause molding conditions adjustment is very limited. The reasons and solutions are as following: [...]

1905, 2016

4 Ways To Solve The Instability Of Size Of Plastic Parts

Description: Plastic parts processing is to make a synthetic resin or plastic into plastic products, which generally include plastic ingredients, molding, machining, bonding, modification and assembly, etc. Due to the high requirements of plastic [...]

1905, 2016

3 Aspects To Talk About Injection Molding and Product Size Control

With the rapid development of mold industry in recent years, moreover, new technology, new manufacturing process continue to expand and progress,  from traditional experience to software application, it has been a qualitative change. Due [...]

1905, 2016

What Is The Effect Of Wall Thickness On The Quality Of Plastic Parts?

There is a great impact on the quality for the thickness of plastic parts processing. When wall thickness is too small,flow resistance will be large, it is difficult to fill the cavity of large and [...]

1905, 2016

How To Solve The Dirty Mark Of Injection Molded Parts?

Performance:  unmelted particles near the material head. It is impossible to obtain a smooth surface for thin-walled products. Physical Reasons:  because of the short production cycle of thin-walled products, It has to plasticizing on [...]