Description: Plastic parts processing is to make a synthetic resin or plastic into plastic products, which generally include plastic ingredients, molding, machining, bonding, modification and assembly, etc. Due to the high requirements of plastic parts, mistakes  should be avoided in the processing.

Hereby analyze 4 parts of the unstability below:

1. Equipment:

1, feeding system is not normal.

2, back pressure instability or temperature instability.

3, hydraulic system failure.

2. Mold:

1, gate and flow channel size uneven.

2, cavity size are not accurate.

3. Manufacturing Process:

1, mold temperature is not uniform or improper cooling circuit Erzhi make mold temperature control unreasonable.

2, injection pressure is low.

3, injection pressure holding time is not enough or fluctuation.

4, barrel temperature is high or injection cycle instability.

4. Raw Materials:

1, for batch production, the resin properties change.

2, the material particle size irregular.

3, a larger moisture content.